Causes and Management

Stress is a state of mental, emotional or other strains. Stress can sometimes be good. It can give one motivation to stay focused and alert. Stress sometimes can make a person achieve what he/she wants to. Stress can keep a person on toes during working hours.  Sometime the going gets really tough and the person cannot meet the demands, the pressures might exceed the mental and physical limits of the person, stress becomes a sort of threat to both mental and physical well-being.

Stress can also be said to be a mental or physical response to the events that upset one?s personal mental and physical balance. 


There are many potential causes for stress. Meanwhile we can also say that the causes for stress are very individual. What is stressful can be very much enjoyable or something used to for other people.  One?s personality, outlook, problem solving capability and social support system can determine the level of stress that one is going through.


The causes for stress may not be the same for every person. The school and university students may experience stress in meeting the academic demands, office going people may suffer stress to reach office in time. A high level of stress can prove to be a serious threat to one?s personality traits and can also cause personal and social problems.


Stress can be managed if we understand the level and the main reasons for the stress. One must also try to evaluate if one can bring about some changes in the environment like not setting too much high standards that will be difficult to cope with, so that stress can be subsequently reduced.