Desire and Stress

Look at what has become to our lives today. Everybody is caught up in their lives in trying to receive the best education which in turn will help them get a good qualification ultimately enabling them to find better job prospects. All in all, our lives are consumed in trying to achieve a successful career and well settled lives. In the pursuit of career and money, we are loosing things that are more important than all this; happiness. Our sense of happiness has been deluded in our greed and ambition. Wealth and success has become synonymous with happiness.

If we were to sit down and contemplate what we really want in life, it would be happiness. But, is money really the way to get happiness? Undoubtedly, money is instrumental in getting us material happiness. The problem lies in the fact that we don?t really know what we want. This is the point of stress generation.

There are many things we want in life. This is called ?desire?. Desiring things is very essential in our lives as ?desire? is the most important motivating factor. It is only when we want something so badly that we push our selves into doing what ever it may take to achieve it. Hence, ?desire? is very important. However, desire can be stress generator too. This is so when we desire something we don?t really desire. This may sound like a paradoxical but I?ll explain how it works. There are many things we desire but such desire is out of impulsiveness. This is associated with the concept of herd instinct. We become desirous of things that other people have. The source of desire is jealousy. When jealousy becomes an objective, it is not a good sign. When we are unable to attain such objectives, it leads to stress.