Headaches caused by stress

One of the major causes of headaches is stress. But in the eyes of doctors stress headaches are common and they will often disappear on their own . But more and more people are complaining of headaches caused by stress. There may not be anything medically we can do about it except take an aspirin or two and wait it out. But there should be something that we can do to lessen the reason why we get these headaches. First if you are getting headaches a lot then try a journal about how many of these headaches you get and then write down when they happened, how long they lasted, what you did to relieve them and more importantly write down what you were doing when it happened.

Then you can see what the reason is that is causing these headaches. Sometimes by eliminating something you have always had like coffee will give you a headache so make sure to write down if you had something different to drink other than caffeinated products. You want to rule these out and point the finger at stress. So eliminating other reasons can be helpful. Once you have done that, if you see that you are getting a headache every time Betty from the office comes to talk to you at 3: 00 pm, the answer is simple. Dive into work and tell Betty you don?t have time today to talk. Then take notice if the headache ever comes to be.

Then as you go about your daily routine of working, making dinner, taking care of kids screaming then you know what to do in order to prevent the headaches. If you get stressed out from making dinner the same time every day and it always seems like a rush because your husband calls and says he will be home in 10 minutes. Then simply pre make dinner. You can prepare it the night before and when you get home simply put it in the oven and avoid the stress.

The key is to avoid the stress and lessen the headaches. Once you have figured out what is causing the headaches you have to find a away to stop them. But that is hope not despair because once you have narrowed down the problem then you can look for ways to fix it. You may not get it right at first but you will find a way to calm down and not tense up which does not help your headache. In the mean time add to the journal every time you have tried a solution to the problem and whether or not it worked or not.

If you are having trouble finding something that helps, take your journal to your doctors office and let him help you figure something out in terms of helping you curb your headaches. You will figure out what works soon enough, it really is a matter of time. But with some patience and aspirin you will get it right.