Insomnia from Stress

Insomnia is form sleep disorder where the patient is suffering with temporary or permanent disruption in sleeping. He is either completely unable to sleep or he may have problems in sleeping for a substantial period of time. Insomniacs are usually troubled with an overactive mind and are too restless to relax themselves. They usually can?t close their eyes for a period longer than a minute. As they are unable to rest their minds, they tend to become very irritable. Trivial matters which may seem inconsequential to us become a source of obnoxious irritation to them. Apart from being highly irritable they are also very cranky and develop eccentricities.


A restless mind is never a happy place. They will hardly ever adorn a smile on their faces and become rather grim and glum personalities. Their sleep disorder becomes an obstacle in work and play. Lack of sleep causes mental fatigue which does not let them concentrate on what they are doing. Mental fatigue gives way to physical tiredness too and they practically become unwilling persons.


There can be many causes to insomnia. Insomnia can be the result of excess or wrong medication; over consumption of caffeine and herbs. The more common cause of insomnia is anxiety and stress. Insomnia is related to the mind and anything which troubles the mind can cause mental unrest, thereby leading to insomnia. It is primarily a stress related illness which can also occur due overwhelming grief. The loss of a dear or near one is obviously very sad. When this grief is not given vent, the accumulated grief leads to overpowering stress often leading to sleep disorders.


A person with insomnia has very poor quality of sleep. When a normal person sleeps, his brainwaves transcend into delta waves. This stage of delta sleep has the characteristic to restore or rejuvenate the mind. An insomniac may not be able to reach this stage at all.