Stress and Heart Problems

Stress may not be directly linked with Heart Problems but it does eventually lead to situations which lead to different heart problems.

Stress may cause to adopt different lifestyles which can contribute to heart problems.


Stress, especially emotional stress makes different people to take up things like smoking, over-eating which in the long run causes different heart problems such as heart attacks and strokes.


Scientifically we don?t know how stress is associated with heart problems but it can be said that people who are undergoing some stress are very likely to resort to habit

Stress causes a powerful movement of blood circulation helping the blood to clot easily which increases the chances of having heart problems. A study at a UK University has shown that when the person is going through some stress, the coronary arteries are constricted in a way that the flow of blood to the heart muscles is reduced. Stress is linked with the reasons which triggers coronary artery disease .It has been found out that stress is one of the major causes of artery diseases and has a direct link with it.  Proper blood flow is very important for the proper functioning of the heart and stress indirectly reduces the blood flow to the heart muscles so it can be said that stress can cause below par functioning of the heart.

When the person is not suffering from any stress , he tends to adopt to better lifestyle measures such as exercising regularly , eating upto a certain level . This in turn reduces the chances of having heart problems considerably.