Stress Management - Being Pragmatic and Scheduling

Stress Control has become the need of the hour. Everyone today is stressed in some way or another. Stress can be kept under control and that is what everyone should learn. This is done by the process of stress management. Stress management is most effective when practiced regularly. It must first be understood that stress management is a relative concept. This means that a stress management technique which works for one person may or may not work for another. A person has to realize what works best for him.


Stress management poises a person to face his challenges in better manner than what he actually does. The following tips are key to managing stress:

  • Pragmatic. One should realize that its not always possible to be perfect in what one does. Perfectionists are not always pragmatic and in their pursuit of getting the best of everything, they land up with the work lying incomplete. It is better to get something rather than nothing at all. In the pressure of getting everything perfectly done, the person is subjected to more stress and may give in. One has to learn the importance of being pragmatic and have a more realistic approach to work. A practical person will be better prepared for challenging circumstances and perform better than his competitors. A person with a sound head on his shoulders knows how to handle pressure.


    • Scheduling. One should always avoid very hectic schedules. Scheduling or planning is very important and helps us organize our day but one should a practical approach to it and ensure that all that had been planned is actually possible to be done. It should also be ensured that once planned, the activities are all carried out else it will give birth to unnecessary tension. If there is too much to be done then priorities must be set out and the important things done first.