Stress Related Illness and Disorder

Stress is potential of exerting unwanted influence on a person?s susceptibility of various illnesses. It can also speedup the progress of diseases?ranging from cold to cancer.  There is a link to our evolutionary process and our body?s reaction to stress. In primitive times, human beings were constantly threatened by their environment and faced physical threats from animals and nature. Human beings have learnt with time to cope up with physical stresses. The heart pumps blood faster and our body is all set to face the forthcoming challenges. The fight or flight response triggered by the release of adrenaline, is also a part of our evolutionary process.


The problem, however, arises when the body is prepared yet incapable of facing his perils. For example, when a person is stuck in a traffic jam, a fight or flight response is of no use. There is nothing he can do. This cause the blood pressure to rise, the person looses his cool but it is all needless as the situation is beyond his control. The unnecessary rise of blood pressure is an example of stress related illness. It is actually an accumulation of frustration.


There are various other determinants to stress related illnesses. Scientists have investigated in behaviour oriented stress disorders. They have classified people into various types. Type A refers to those kind of people who are highly competitive and have a certain drive. They are ambitious people who are ready to give it their heart and soul. Such people are goal oriented and are highly focused. Such people are also known as workaholics. Such people are always subjected to stress. On the other hand, there are people who have hardly any focus in life who may be unemployed or just plain complacent. They too can be equally prone to stress. It is actually a matter of resilience. Stress related order is very subjective as various people have various levels of tolerating stress. When the stress overpowers the tolerance level, stress related disorder is imminent.